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Garage Door Openers

The Total Garage Store offers the safest and most reliable residential overhead door operating systems available.

Marantec Garage Door Operators

Marantec Garage Door OperatorGerman engineering makes Marantec the quietest operator on the market. German engineering creates a product that performs so reliably that it carries a 15 year or lifetime warranty, which is the best warranty in the industry.

Marantec operators plug in to your standard 110 wall outlet, but feature a DC motor which is significantly quieter than the standard AC motor used in most ceiling mount operators. We stock the M- 4500e and M-4700e models in belt drive. These models will lift any garage door on the market, and are available with rail lengths to fit most door applications.

Marantec operators feature a one piece, galvanized steel C-Rail. This rail is a heavy duty rail, and is superior to any rail offered on an operator by the big box stores.

The operators come standard with a two button mini transmitter. A four button mini transmitter, a two button micro transmitter, digital keypad and deluxe wall stations are all available accessories. The deluxe wall station is unique in the industry, as two or more can be combined, creating one larger unit, with finished edges. This is just one of the many small design details on a Marantec operator which separate it from competitive product.

Liftmaster Garage Door Operators

Liftmaster Garage Door Operator
Smith’s Garage Door is proud to offer both chain and belt drive versions of Liftmaster operators.

Our featured Liftmaster operators are Models 3800 and 3850. Both offer a deluxe wall station with time and temperature and a built-in motion sensor. If you enter your garage with your arms full, the motion sensor detect your movement and turns the light on automatically! No more fumbling in the dark for a light switch! The 3850 is a belt drive operator, with a DC motor and includes a battery back-up system, so you can always get in your garage, no matter how bad the storm! The 3800 mounts directly on the end of the torsion spring, which clears up your ceiling for a car lift, or just a cleaner appearance. This direct shaft mount makes it the quietest operator available, as there is no rail to transfer noise to your living area.

Liftmaster Garage Door OperatorLiftmaster Garage Door Operator

Genie Garage Door Operators

Genie Garage Door Operators

Genie is a name which has become almost generic for garage door opener. We carry a full line of Genie operators.

Genie Pro Garage Door OperatorGenie Garage Door Operator

Enhance your purchase with these accessories

Wireless Keyless Entry
Open your garage door without using a remote control

Mini 3-button remote control
Operates up to 3 garage doors and fits on a keychain

Wireless Control Panel
A second control in your garage, a light control button turns garage door opener lights on and off and auxiliary button can be programmed to open and close a second garage door.

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